i hate

i was attracted to the entire hate concept cuz i really have to say given im probably older than most of the kids on the sight im mid thirties that ive been into the punk goth scene basically since the beginning seen most of the majors and a lot of the minors before they were anyone and i have to say the ideal of punk today makes me want to cry its not rich kids from the suburbs seeing aobut how the head cheerleader wont go out with them it was either party music anthems which is oi for those of u too young to know or political im sorry i hate nofx with a passion and it seems to be the punk band for those under 25,why i dont know but i hate them i think they suck no they didnt start the second punk movement go read flipside or punk magazine ther archives from 82/83.then u will know.oh yeah i hate avril lavigne with a passion too she is not punk she doesnt sing punk basically any band on mtv or fuse that claims to be punk isnt with the exception of rancid or the bastards and like lars said at warped tour this year punk is basically poor white kid music not music for kids living in hundred thousand dollar homes,and avril wouldnt survive in a real punk pit id like to see that girl skank or try too she'd get torn up,so real punk is still underground where it belongs cuz you know what its not supposed to be liked or embraced it is supposed to be despised by society and strict fear into your bourgeouise heart thats what its all about its a lifestyle a scene not blink 182 or yellowcard or any of the other crap if you dont believe me email henry rollins or jello biafra the were some of the originals they could tell ya all about it ok im done rantinf for now
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